Marine Design and Construction

Consistent, precise and accurate data are vital to the success of any project, but critical for projects being constructed in marine environments. DEA frequently conducts surveys in support of the permitting, design, construction and post-construction inspection phases of marine projects in offshore, near shore, and inland waters.

Services for marine design and construction are customized to address project objectives and may include:

  • desk top studies of existing data;
  • vessel traffic studies;
  • high resolution multibeam seafloor mapping;
  • side scan sonar seafloor imaging;
  • subbottom profiling to map soft sediments;
  • seismic reflection profiling to map geologic units;
  • magnetic surveys to locate pipelines, cables or wrecks;
  • tide and current studies;
  • sediment sampling;
  • acoustic monitoring during pile driving;
  • underwater positioning and monitoring during construction; and
  • geospatial services for mapping and modeling.