Marine Geophysical Investigations

Marine geophysical investigations document underwater geology, providing a direct cost benefit to design and construction projects, dredge planning, and search and recovery missions. Meeting these objectives, DEA Marine Services provides subbottom profiling, side scan sonar, and marine magnetometer surveying services.

Subbottom profiling surveys map underwater subsurface geology using 3.5 to 24 kHz frequency profilers as well as seismic reflection or refraction technology. Ground penetrating radar (GPR) is also available for use in freshwater and other non-conductive environments.

Side scan sonar imaging surveys map underwater features, providing an acoustically generated image that can be used to characterize seafloor or riverbed features, identify obstructions projecting above the bottom that would impede or threaten navigation or construction, delineate bottom materials, or aid in search and recovery missions.

Magnetometer surveys measure the ambient magnetic field and can locate concentrated masses of ferrous material. These surveys are often used to locate ship anchors, buried pipelines or investigate proposed cable and pipeline routes for cultural features.