Multibeam Sonar Bathymetry

Multibeam sonar systems are capable of providing full coverage with high resolution soundings over a project area. DEA owns some of the highest resolution multibeam systems available, which allow for high-density grid generation as fine as 10 cm. Narrow beam widths can record up to 512 individual soundings with each ping over a swath width of up to 165°, or compressed into a narrow swath width for increased resolution at depth.

All of our multibeam systems are equipped with backscatter and snippets options which can be used to generate mosaic imagery of the seafloor. This imagery can be used to delineate bottom substrate, locate debris, or visualize structures. In addition, our sonars have the ability to log full water column acoustic data, typically used for feature investigations.

The image to the right depicts high resolution multibeam data used to monitor the integrity of a submerged retaining wall. The data also detected a broken piling projecting into the waterway.