Navigation and Nautical Charting

DEA Marine Services has an extensive history of providing marine surveying and consulting services in support of navigation and nautical charting throughout the continental United States. This work has included nautical charting surveys and consulting services for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), Port Authorities, Pilot Associations and the maritime industry. DEA is integrating port survey and shoreline data into commercial ship pilot navigation software to improve safety of navigation on the Columbia River and working with charting authorities on hydrographic surveys of remote ports of call for Electronic Navigation Chart production.

DEA Marine Services’ support of navigation and nautical charting is exemplified by our ongoing surveying services to help address the nation’s critical survey backlog for nautical charting. Our current contracts with NOAA Office of Coast Survey include hydrographic services and airborne bathymetric LiDAR, spanning over a decade of service to the nation. DEA’s surveying experience under these contracts includes the performance of multibeam and single beam hydrographic surveys; side scan sonar surveys; installation of water level stations; computation of tidal datums; deployment of GPS water level buoys; evaluation of VDatum and ellipsoidally referenced survey (ERS) techniques; extended 24-hour ship operations; and airborne bathymetric LiDAR operations.

The image on the right depicts NOAA’s 1957 partial coverage survey sheet (used on current nautical charts) presented with updated full coverage multibeam survey data collected by DEA. Most areas outside of the updated multibeam coverage by DEA are still charted with pre-1940′s partial coverage surveys.